Training in a Traditional Dojo

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There are great many things involved in promotion in rank aside from pure technical ability. When it comes time for promotions your Sensei will weigh a great many factors when he decides who will receive certificates, such as, character, attitude, intensity of study and many other things will play a part in his decision, even technical abilities as subject matter he will not expect as much strength from 100-pound student as from a 200 pounder nor will an older student be required to demonstrate as much flexibility as a younger person.


When you come right down to it there is only one factor that applies to all members of the Dojo equally and that is attendance. It does not matter whether you are older, young, smaller, large, male or female you are either present or you are not…


In a traditional Dojo and the classes available, the Sensei will understand that there are few students who will be able to attend them all, but he will expect you to be very regular to those that you can attend, even if you are injured you should always come to class. Usually if you tell your Sensei ahead of time, he will allow you to coast a little to prevent aggravating the injury, if you come and it is so bad that you can't do anything come away come anyway and watch….you can still learn by watching…..


Sensei knows that in combat there are no excuses you either do the technique or you die…. they tend to apply the same philosophy to class when your Sensei steps into the Dojo to teach he is going to look around and he will either see your face or he will not. There are no butts or ifs or ands you are either there or you are not…..


The perfect student will wear a medic alert bracelet or information on them that contains instructions for the ambulance driver to deliver their body to the Dojo if the student is a victim of an accident on the way to class.      ?


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