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Words and thier meanings for a Warrior....!

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If I call you brother, it is because you have earned my respect.

I do not use the words "brother" or "friend" lightly. If I say that you are my brother or my friend, then you have earned it by your actions and your honor. I know the difference between an acquaintance and a true friend, and you should too.

Not everyone who is affable with you is your friend; not everyone who is your buddy is truly your brother. We have become so free with our vocabulary, in our modern society, that it has taken away the true meaning of many of our words.

Today, people's words can, and should, be taken with a grain of salt, at least most people's words. The warrior should be an exception to this rule. The warrior should take his words seriously. They should carry a specific meaning which is unmistakable.

A Martial Artist is a great friend and brother, BUT be aware.........The true Martial Artist lives a lonely life and walks the lonely path....they are constantly training the mind, body and spirit......for this reason they are usually alone.

 I am usually found alone unless with my family......


When someone calls you a friend, it usually means no more than they know your name. But warriors take their words more seriously than the average guy. When a warrior calls you a “friend,” that is really saying something. When you have a true warrior as a friend, you have a true friendship, one that is hard to break.

Really think about the meaning of your words before you speak; don't say things that you don't mean. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. When you do this, your words will have greater meaning and people will have more respect for what you say. If you call someone “brother,” make sure there is meaning behind it; make sure that they have earned the designation.


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