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Walk a mile to avoid a fight; but when one starts, don’t back down an inch!

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Walk a mile to avoid a fight; but when one starts, don’t back down an inch!

The true warrior doesn't like violence. He or she doesn't want to hurt anyone and will, in fact, do everything in his or her power to avoid fighting. The warrior understands anatomy and how easy it is to injure someone else, sometimes permanently or fatally. The warrior has no desire to permanently cripple or injure someone one.

In addition, he has no desire to waste his time dealing with our corrupt legal system which is just as likely to throw him in prison for defending himself, as it is to punish the predator that attacked him. For these reasons, and more, the warrior does everything in his power to avoid a fight.

But there are those out there who never give these things a single thought. These people still have a high school mentality, and many of them, less than a high school education. They are not bright enough to think about these things, much less to understand the philosophical side of the warrior.

They will fight for just about any reason and will fight like a wild animal. They are led by their rage, and because of this, they will hurt or kill someone before they even realize it. That is why we must train and train hard.

Always do your best to avoid a fight, but, if you have no other honorable choice, don't back down an inch. And, if you must fight, WIN! Don't allow your enemy multiple chances to hurt you. If the fight is brought to you, finish it. Make sure that you don't leave your enemy any desire or capability to attack you again. Walk a mile to avoid a fight, but if a fight starts, FINISH IT


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