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I don’t like violence. But there is only two ways to stop violence: talk or fight. I prefer to talk; I want to talk. I try my best to talk, that is my job, but if the moment comes, I don’t think about martial arts or the rules. I respond immediately with whatever attack the situation calls for.

In traditional martial arts, when you are attacked with a training knife, you stop the attack short of hitting your partner. In reality, when I have to use my knife, I do not stop; I go inside you with my knife. The distancing is different in the dojo. The attack distance is not the same as in a real fight. In my system, we use the distancing of a real attack.

What I do is still martial arts. It is just modified for the reality of the streets. In VIP protection, your clients don’t pay you to fight; they pay you to save their lives. This is the most important thing. Sometimes, I do want to fight these guys, but that would not be protecting my client. If I was alone, yes, I would punch them, but that is not the job.

The truth is that it is difficult to take your client and walk away when some guy is cursing you and saying bad things to you. It is hard to walk away. This is where martial arts come in. You must have discipline and control. You must train the yin and the yang.






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