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Kaizen is the principle of constant and never ending improvement in our lives.

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Kaizen is the principle of constant and never ending improvement in our lives. It is a principle that the
Samurai applied every morning they woke up by beginning the day with a specific goal of improvement
in mind.
At the core of Kaizen is patience which is required for improvement since you very rarely see
the effects of your struggles rapidly.

As a beginner it looks almost impossible to master the tasks that are required to earn your black belt
and yet it is achieved one step at a time. There are no shortcuts, no simple ways to get there. As you
strive to improve one thing at a time you slowly become the person with the skills to earn your black
belt, under the careful and watchful eye of your Sensei.

The modern warrior is always mindful of where he is at and where he is going at all times. Since our
world is always changing around us our goals and targets are in constant motion and ever changing. A
wise objective today may be a foolish goal tomorrow so it is always important that one re-evaluates
their goals and and focus on a daily basis.

Martial artists are capable of extreme concentration and
focus on particular goals and targets. It is our goal/target selection that is always changing and we must
be mindful of this in order to achieve success.

When you are in your training and you reach the point that you have done your 300 front punches, 100 kicks, 300 makiwara hits,......you should
always do one more in order to improve. Only doing the required amount will take you on a path of long
training. That one extra punch, kick, kata is what makes the difference in your training and daily lives.
This establishes the spirit required to achieve in today's world as well as the world of the future. You
must always do one more than needed to be a step above the other people as life is a competition. It is
a competition that only you can fail.

In your training your Sensei will give you the tools to achieve your black belt, but earning it is up to you.
We can not push you to train outside of the dojo. We are not there watching the type of person you are
becoming each step of the day. We only know what we see inside of the Dojo...so it is up to
you to attain greatness...to attain honor...to attain your black belt. Kaizen is the path and it is a path
forged out of necessity and in time where anything less meant death

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