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Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. C. S. Lewis

Nobody enjoys going through hard times. Hard times happen to everyone sooner or later. But, if you control your mind and focus on what you can get from the situation, instead of how bad you feel or how much you hate what is happening, you can turn a bad situation into something positive.

Many times, after you have made it through a hardship, you feel more capable, more confident, and a realization that you can handle whatever comes along. The situation has made you stronger and more prepared for the next hardship. Was if fun? Absolutely not! But, was it beneficial to you in some way? This is totally up to you. You have the choice to turn the situation into a learning experience or to just survive.

Think of it in terms of training. When you first start training, it is hard. You end up sore, frustrated, and sometimes doubting yourself. But if you continue to work through it, you conquer your doubts and frustrations, and you become more skilled, stronger, and can handle even more vigorous training.

Develop the mindset that nothing is too much for you to handle. See hardships as nothing more than challenges, and be determined to meet, and be victorious in, any challenge. Be determined to benefit from every hardship. Look for a way to learn from the situation, to increase your skills in some way.

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