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He who lacks foresight and underestimates his enemy will surely be captured by him.

Sun Tzu

Foresight is the ability to think ahead and envision possible future problems or challenges. It is the act of “knowing” something before it actually hits you right between the eyes, and it is vital when dealing with your enemies.

The person who goes about mindlessly focused on his own desires and strategy without giving any thought to his enemy’s strategy or what his enemy is trying to do, will be defeated by his enemy one way or another. It is important to put yourself in your enemy’s shoes and think as he thinks.

Underestimating your enemy is always a mistake. It doesn’t matter how strong and powerful, or how weak and insignificant your enemy appears, do not make the mistake of underestimating his ability to do some harm to you.

In today’s world it is possible for even the weakest, seemingly irrelevant enemy to harm you in ways in which you may never even realize. There are ways which unethical enemies can attack you and cause you major hassles with very little effort on their part, if you underestimate their abilities.

Don’t take your enemy’s desire to see you go down in flames for granted. Make sure that you are as prepared as possible for any attack, whether it is an attack on your business through a cleverly designed marketing campaign or an underhanded attack on your character.

You have to think as your enemy thinks. This is sometimes hard to do if your enemy’s character is totally different than your own, but it must be done. What would you do if you were your enemy and had his moral character (or lack of morals and character)?

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