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Do not be controlled

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You become very dangerous to some people when you learn to control your feelings.
There are many people in this world who depend on being able to control your mind and emotions. Once you learn to control your own mind, your emotions, and your feelings, you become very dangerous in their eyes because they can no longer control you.
Narcissistic people, internet trolls, haters, news media, and politicians all try to control others by controlling their mind and their feelings. They use fear, division, hatred, worry, etc. to maintain control over people. But when you take control of your own mind, and start thinking for yourself, instead of allowing others to control your thoughts, they start to panic. They know that they can no longer control or manipulate you.
Once they lose control of your thoughts and mind, they no longer have any control over your feelings or emotions. That means they lose their power over you. When you start to think for yourself, instead of just buying into the narrative, they are powerless when it comes to your life.
This makes you very dangerous to them because you might just expose them for who and what they are. This is their worst nightmare – an independent man who thinks for himself and makes his own decisions. What if you turn the tables on them? What if you expose their lies? What if their lies no longer have an effect on you? This terrifies these people!
Take control over your thoughts, mind, and emotions. Refuse to be manipulated by anyone. Don’t be afraid to refuse to go along with the narrative. It is okay not to buy into the false panic or the cleverly constructed lies. It is okay to ignore the pathetic little haters and internet trolls. Warrior up, think for yourself, become dangerous to those who want to control you! It is the way of the warrior.
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