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Control your Anger... !

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Let cold deliberation take the place of sudden outburst... The first step in rising to anger is to note that you are angry, for that is to enter mastery of the situation...Fine proof of judgment to keep your head when the fools have lost theirs: every flair of temper is a step downwards from the rational. Baltasar Gracian
It is imperative that you maintain control over your anger. This doesn’t mean that you never get angry or that you never let your anger show. It simply means that you are the one who decides when to allow your anger to express itself and how it will express itself.
The first step in doing this is realizing that you are starting to get angry. If you wait until your anger is boiling over, it can very well be too late to maintain control. You have to control the flame before it becomes an inferno.
It is important to control your anger for several reasons, but it all comes back to achieving your objectives. It is hard to be successful in any game of strategy when you have lost the ability to think rationally, and as Gracian points out, every flair of temper is a step away from rational thought.
It is virtually impossible to allow your anger to be in control and at the same time think rationally. The two are like oil and water – they don’t mix. Losing control is contrary to achieving your objectives.
This is an important fact to keep in mind whenever you feel anger starting to influence your thinking. Is it more important to you to allow your anger to manifest itself simply to appease your craving for justice or to vent your feelings, or is it more important to you to successfully achieve your goals.
Always think of the consequences, both short-term and long-term. Winning at life is a game of strategy and your enemies will set many traps for you along the way. Think rationally and don’t fall for his enticements.
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