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Change Yourself...!

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I remeber after having deveopled the above photo telling myself I need to step it up and change...my status was the same as everyone else, I need to change ...to push more then the other person at work and the Dojo........I told myself this is it, nothing will stand in my way.......and I never really looked back.......



Change the way you speak about yourself and you change your life. What you are not changing, you are choosing.

You should never speak badly about yourself, not even if you are kidding. Your spirit doesn't make a distinction between kidding around and being serious. The more you speak badly about yourself, the more you hurt your self-esteem and your self-confidence.

Science is now telling us that even the cells in your body react to the words you speak. If you speak words of confidence, love, gratitude, etc., it is better for you mentally, spiritually, and physically, and can even benefit your health. On the other hand, if you are consistently speaking words of hate, anger, jealousy, and negativity, it will have the opposite effect on your mind and body.

Seeing the evidence concerning this science, it would benefit you to change the way you speak about yourself, and by doing so, you will see changes happen in your life. Keep your speech positive, loving, happy, and be grateful for everything in your life. Resist the urge to give in to negative speech, to complain, or to speak badly about yourself.

This is an easy concept to grasp, but as you already know, habits can be hard to change. It will take some conscious effort to change the way you have been speaking for years, and in some cases, for your whole life, but you can do it.

This is a choice that you make. In life, what you are not changing, you are choosing. You either choose to change or you choose to stay the same. It is totally up to you; nobody else will, or can, do this for you. Change or stay the same - you choose!

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